Our Story

Fashion has so often been used to put women down for not being the right size, looking the right way, or dressing properly… WEʼRE SAYING NO TO RIGID BEAUTY STANDARDS AND YES TO WOMEN DECIDING OVER OUR OWN APPEARANCES!

When you look around Randi's Boutique, you will find models of all shapes and sizes because all women are beautiful: — If youʼre embracing your curves, we admire your courage! — And if you taking care of your body in the gym, you go girl!  

The Beginning

 Since the beginning, our mission was always to empower all women to become the best versions of themselves, instead of trying to be what society tells them to be. Whether you rock a statement lipstick, a bold signature hair color or simply treasure your natural beauty, we have beauty, health, hair products, fragrances and trendy clothing for you. Since our founding, our assortment has expanded to include more everyday essentials with a luxurious feel. But regards the improved quality, we have always managed to stay true to our ideal; that ALL women should be able to afford our products.     

Fashion and Lifestyle with a Cause

Today, still way too many women around the world are being treated without the respect and dignity they rightfully deserve. What can a fashion, apparel and beauty retailer do about that? Feeling beautiful in your skin and style can instill confidence like few other things in life. When women feel strong, empowered, and confident they can achieve goals that past generations of women could only dream of. If our products can do THAT, then itʼs worth making them available to as many women as possible!