Helping Communities with Women's Apparel

At Randi's Boutique, the department store for women, we are proud of the emerging movement behind our brand. We'd love to tell you about ourselves and what we do. Fashionable attire and accessories may be purchased now through our affiliated commercial store. Randi's Boutique also focuses on community improvement by giving a portion of our revenues back to various neighborhood endeavors. 

Listening to Women

We believe that women are the strength of any community, making neighborhoods healthy and strong. Many great men throughout history have changed their world, and now we want to listen to the voices of women.


A portion of proceeds from the sale of our branded women's apparel will go back into various communities. We sell amazing products and are also excited about supporting real estate projects to build affordable housing. 

How Can We Help

What is it that your neighborhood needs? The opinions, and concerns of the women we serve are important to us. Randi's Boutique is here to make effective changes. We listen to the women we serve and use that information to support community projects to benefit those women.